La Alhambra – More Palaces Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

Our parking spot for last night and tonight was chosen for it’s convenience to Granada and was recommended by the writers of a couple of blogs we’ve been following, so we decided that, since Granada is most definitely a “city” and thus off-limit to us as motorhomers, on the grounds of safety and  “we don’t do city centre overnight parking”, we would fork out the €19/night ACSI campsite charge for a couple of nights. A good decision, we feel, since it includes electricity, has awesome hot showers, a laundry (€3/load) and the bus into Granada stops right outside the entrance! WiFi was also available and, at €2 per device for three days, was a pretty good buy since it was uber-fast and saved us megabucks on our data usage!

Our plan for today was to get up early – by our standards anyhow-walk Harley so that he wouldn’t be too hacked off with us for leaving him for a few hours, and then head for the bus. The helpful gentleman on Reception here kindly gave us a map and bus timetable when we checked-in last night and our Alhambra tickets require us to present ourselves at the Nasrid Palace at 2pm so, allowing the recommended 4 hours to visit the whole thing, we reckoned we’d head in on the 10.30am bus, walk up to the site and mooch around until our appointed time for entry. We pretty much managed to stick to the plan! Rather than schlepp across town and use the shuttle bus up to the site, we walked up – a pleasant, if somewhat strenuous, walk up what felt like several hundred steps through a beautiful district of old houses before we finally reached the entrance gate.

The history of La Alhambra goes back to the 10th Century and, basically, it seems that every Ruler built a new palace so there’s a whole host of palaces , ruins of former palaces and gardens to view. Restoration work is, obviously, ongoing BUT the splendour of the buildings is very plain to see – extravagance in the extreme! Photos really do NOT do it justice – you have to see it to appreciate it!

The panoramic views over the city of Granada are stunning and we felt that the four hours we spent wandering around were well worth the investment in the admission charge. Many parts of the complex are free to view but we opted to pay to see the whole thing and we weren’t disappointed!

We had planned to mooch around the city afterwards but, concerned for Harley’s welfare (and Sebo’s, for that matter!), we acted responsibly and walked back to the bus and headed for home. We needn’t have worried – Sebo was still intact and Harley was there, still alive, and extremely pleased to see us!

We ummed and aaaahed over whether we should stay here another day, and venture into the city again tomorrow but then decided we would head off towards Gibraltar – our destination for the weekend- but vowed to return to Granada, at a later stage, to see what else it had to offer.