This is our motorhome “Sebo” a Burstner t-Star 695. It is based on a Mercedes chassis and powered by a 2.7, 5 cylinder diesel. The nickname “Sebo” is derived from Johann Sebastian Bach and “bach” is German for “brook” which was the name of our house, “Brook Cottage”. Strange, weird and wonderful it may be but that’s us, we gotta get older but not necessarily more mature!

The purchase of Sebo was going to be based upon “weeks if not months” of research to ensure that we got just exactly what we wanted at the right price. We saw Sebo early in our research, trawled the internet looking at other vans and several at home in Northern Ireland. Ahem!!!! Just two weeks later we had paid a deposit to Motorhome Depot, then based in Carryduff ,just a few miles from where we lived ,and shortly afterwards off we went.We compared every vehicle to Sebo and quickly came to the conclusion that he had to be ours. With just short of 25,000 miles, fully serviced and a repaired turbo solenoid Sebo became ours, all ours!! Let The Adventure begin…..