Postie, Postie, Don’t Delay- The Semples Want To Be On Their Way!

So, here we are, STILL, in Albir, STILL waiting for our post which was kindly forwarded from home almost two weeks ago! Uuuugh. Nice as this place is – and it really IS – and as fab as the weather is – pretty much unbroken sunshine most days – we’ve all got itchy feet now, having been here since Dec 21st and are desperate to get Sebo’s wheels rolling once again. Unfortunately, we can’t leave until we get our post since, amongst other things, it contains our uber-important ACSI card for 2017! For the uninitiated, this is, basically, a campsite discount card which allows us to pay pretty substantially-reduced prices for some very nice campsites throughout Europe during the “off-season” – which, as far as we can see, means anytime outside of July and August and, obviously, other school holidays such as Easter etc. It’s pretty essential to life for us at the moment so it’s worth waiting for.

Yesterday, Monday Jan 2nd was, as expected, a Public Holiday here so no postal delivery. We amused ourselves by doing a few minor running repairs on Sebo and mooching around the town walking Harley – the latter having not much interest in doing much else at the moment since the bones kindly given to him by Santa have had a deleterious effect on his digestive system so he’s feeling a little “under the weather”. An afternoon check of the Reception pigeon holes revealed …..wait for it……OUR POST!!! Yippee!!! Spirits lifted, Sebo’s garage was cleared out and given yet another “good tidying” – hmmmm, how long it will stay like that remains to be seen- and we started planning our “escape” for tomorrow! Cannot wait! A few long days of driving are ahead for us now…..bring it on!