New Year’s Eve Shenanigans….

It all started-off in a pretty civilised manner – rebuffed by our intended eaterie on the grounds that we hadn’t made a booking and they were full! Of course they were…it was New Year’s Eve! Doh! In fairness, we’d kinda expected it and, although we didn’t exactly have a Plan B in mind, we knew there were more than enough restaurants in Albir in which to squeeze our two butts! We meandered up the main drag, looking for somewhere that was busy but not TOO full – one needs a bit of ambience in a place. Luckily, Tutti Quanti obliged and, with an interesting menu which we had eyed-up previously, we were given a table, albeit outside on their terrace but, hey, they had heaters and waiting staff dressed-up with large, stripey, paper bow-ties so what the heck! Have to say, the food and the service was first class – we ordered a steak fondue and the mixed meat brochetta which was brought to the table and set fire to under our noses. All very dramatic! We skipped dessert on the grounds that we were completely stuffed with the huge main courses – total cost for the food, two pints of beer and a bottle of Faustino VII? €45- they had omitted to charge for the wine – pity about that! We left the waiter a decent tip and legged-it before they realised!


The town itself seemed eerily quiet for a New Year’s Eve so we didn’t venture into any of the few bars that were actually open, deciding instead to see what was happening at the bar at the entrance to the campsite – The Brew Rock – always busy and usually has live music at weekends PLUS, our “neighbours”, Linda and Geoff had already told us they were eating there so we thought we’d pop in and see what the craic was.

Sure enough, as we walked in , we happened upon Geoff and Linda and promptly joined them for a drink. The music was just up our street and we all ended up dancing til it stopped – somewhat after 2am, I do believe. I won’t go into too much detail – mainly because my memory of it all is somewhat hazy but I DO recall Irish dancing when John The Fiddler started fiddling…..drew quite a crowd too – or so I’m told! Anyhow, a great night was had by one and all and, after returning to Sebo, we cracked open the 12 year old whiskey – like you do- and finally retired to bed sometime after 4am! Needless to say, neither of us were compos mentis until lunchtime and recovery mode was still being employed for a number of hours after that!  The things you do in the name of “a good time”, huh?

No photos this time, folks – well, I don’t have any, though I’m pretty sure there are plenty of fellow Brew Rock patrons who have a whole stash of my Riverdance medley on their phones !!