Any carpark will do… long as it’s free…

Consultation with our Lonely Planet Guide decreed that Sagunt/Sagunto ( a Derry/Londonderry situation going on here, I feel!) might be an interesting place to visit. Certainly, the view from the main road in would suggest it to be so! An entire ridge of a mountain on which an entire Roman settlement was built – and mainly remains to this day, albeit a tad altered by a Muslim invasion a few centuries later. In we piled – unably assisted by Co-Pilot on this occasion! It’s take on this being “Lads, Yee are on yer own cos there’s that many no-entries and teensy weensy streets here, I’m just gonna have a nervous breakdown if you don’t mind!” Needless to say, we managed, just, and found a free parking space across the bridge from the town. In we walked, and up the hill, only to find that “perros” i.e Harley, was not welcome! The security guard at the entrance was most apologetic on this score but, nontheless, we could not enter! Feck youse anyhow! This was, actually, the dirtiest town we had encountered so far! Rubbish everywhere!

We decided we would chance our arm further down the coast at Puerto Sagunto – not particularly motorhome friendly, judging by the ‘No caravan or motorhome parking” signs alongside the promenade BUT we then found a car park alongside the tennis club which seemed to be unrestricted parking, if you could tolerate the “Monica Seles’ grunting emanating from the adjacent tennis courts! We could! As could the Dutch van converson that followed us in! Nice couple, spoke perfect English ( as they do!) – consensus of opinion was that we’d be ok for the night – and we were! No problem at all, if a little noisy in the early hours due to the proximity of the Port but, hell, it was free so what more d’ya want??