Culture and Chips in Valencia!!

Valencia was to be our next port of call – happens to be Spain’s third largest city after Barcelona and Madrid! Much research was done here – yeah, really, for a change- and we opted to head for Valencia Camper Park – €15/night including 4amp electricity, hot showers, nice little bar restaurant on site but, more importantly, it was within a 10 minute walk of the new tram stop – 25 minutes into the City for €3.00 return! Dude on Reception speaks perfect English and is an absolute mine of Info! We are in!! Pitch chosen, washing done ( not altogether successfully, it has to be said, since Smartarse here tried to change the washing program halfway through to an increased spin speed and ended up with no spin at all! )The washing still lies limply here on the airer- dripping slowly- and will probably still be “damp” for days to come! Nonetheless, we hightailed it into Valencia for a few hours today – having bribed Harley with extra treats-and having bought an 8-trip Metro card from the aforementioned Reception Dude for a grand total of €14 – we get €2 back if we return the card – fair enough! What an absolutely amazing City! Architecturally it has it all going on – we followed the Lonely Planet Modernist walk for a while – until it started to pish down then we kinda went off-piste! In the meantime, whilst strolling through the famous Mercado Central ( Market Hall – makes the Belfast St George’s Market look like small fry!) Roy was delighted to spot Coleman’s Mustard! Having bemoaned the fact that he didn’t bring more with him and that he most certainly would not have enough in the pot to last until we got to Morrisons in Gibraltar (!!!), he was buying a jar come what may!! €2.75 later and he was as happy as a sandboy!! Thank God for that!! We also invested in a takeaway Paella for dinner later!

We now have enough mustard- of all different shapes and sizes, bought as trials,to sink a battleship!! By this stage, the forecasted rain had started to fall, along with lightening and accompanying thunder! Oh joy!!


Having bemoaned the fact that, in almost eight weeks of travel, we had NOT eaten chips – apart from one disastrous attempt to make them last week ( won’t be doing THAT again, complete disaster!!), we actually found a “chip shop”. Needless to say, us being totally weak-willed and all, we ordered two medium pokes, with garlic mayonnaise – bloody lovely they were too!! There we stood, sheltering in the chip shop, enjoying our “pokes” immensely before rushing through the rain to the station for our train back “home”, ever conscious of the fact that Harley had been “home alone” for several hours and may, possibly, have eaten Sebo’s steering wheel!! Needless to say, he hadn’t and, in fact, we had to wake him up on our return!! God bless his l’il cotton socks!