A 6km walk into town is not as far as it sounds!

Today, we headed back down the winding hills to the coast , to a free Aire in Grao- free, as in it’s a bit it of a “council” experiment to try regulate motorhome parking! Dismal failure in that it’s a totally unsuitable surface and that there’s far better unregulated parking around the corner ( as we discovered after the event!!) BUT, on the upside, the water etc is free! We parked up, put our walking shoes on and walked the 6km into the town centre of Castellon….. a pleasant walk, as we marvelled at the trolley-bus system etc and the town itself was pretty enough, with it’s hitherto unknown “street art” – interesting enough but, since we couldn’t find a Tourist Info open, we’re really none the wiser as to it’s origins!. The Aire was packed out! Packed in like sardines in fact!! Not the kinda place you’d want to spend more than one night- a thought that was backed-up by our Welsh neighbours just before they left the next morning! Phew, it’s not just us being picky then!