Rest, Relaxation then Recovery Mode!

We had a fab time Chez Donohoe – as always, their hospitality was awesome! I did tonnes of washing, we slept in a “proper” bed, in a “proper” bedroom ( thanks, Jess!) , ate too much, drank way too much (nothing new there!!) and had so many laughs. It was great to be in their company. Thanks to Ellen too for our lovely Sebo-friendly early Christmas  present and for taking us to Chaufailles on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks, Guys n Gals for absolutely everything! Great to see you all and hopefully we’ll see you all again at some stage soonish!

Thankfully ( for the sake of our livers !!), my glasses arrived on Monday afternoon and by Tuesday morning we were ready to hit the road once again.

With the weather in France now becoming very dank and really quite chilly, we’ve decided to make a run for the Spanish Costas over a couple of days – our “no more than 50 miles a day” rule has been binned for now in favour of getting to warmer climes sooner rather than later.

Hitting the road by 9.45am this morning, we headed virtually due south, using a combination of non-peage Autoroutes and D-roads , stopped briefly for lunch in Cahors, then continued on until we reached Les Cabannes, a small town in the Pyrenees Arieges ski area, just short of Andorra. A long day’s drive but worth it for the mileage covered.

Depending on the weather tomorrow, we may or may not risk the climb into Andorra to fill up on cheap diesel and duty free alcohol, since there’s snow forecast and our tyres are not of the “go anywhere snow and mud” variety!

Our parking spot for tonight is a small and very peaceful Aire ( not free but we felt the €5 charge was worth it) in Les Cabannes