From Lac de Rouffiac-en-Perigord to a Rendezvous with La Famille Donohoe

We’re now well out of the habit of early rising and this morning was no different! After all, we’re in no rush to get anywhere these days! After a leisurely breakfast, we decided to embark on the 7km walk around the lake, reckoning that if the threatened rain did actually start to fall, we’d be pretty sheltered by the forest. Luckily, the rain held off and we enjoyed our stroll immensely – and Harley got his run AND a lake swim so he was a very contented pup!


A quick trip to Lidl at Lubersac for liquid supplies for the weekend Chez Donohoe followed ….we’re here until Monday or until my new glasses arrive – whichever comes soonest! I cannot wait to see them again!