Two For The Price Of One (A History Lesson And Awesome Views) At The Eagles Nest!

Today was a pretty awesome day for Team Sebo. We paid our money and ventured up to The Eagles Nest – or, as the Germans would call it “Das Kehlsteinhaus“(fabulously interesting history of it if you click on the link there!) – which actually means “The House On The Kehlstein”- note, no mention of Eagles! A common misconception that this was Hitler’s home and Power House – it wasn’t! It was commissioned by Martin Boorman as a “meet and greet” place for The Fuhrer and as a place of relaxation (allegedly as a fiftieth birthday present-it wasn’t, according to the Info board up there!) – shows how much he knew – Hitler had a fear of heights and hated the effect of altitude PLUS he was afraid the brass lift up to it would be struck by lightening!)! Doh! There are only fourteen documented visits by Hitler from the time it was completed in 1938 until the day he died in 1945! Ungrateful sod that he was! Interesting history though – the Tea House, as such, is fairly unspectacular in it’s architectural splendour  BUT it’s location is absolutely to-die-for and the road up to it even more so! No expense spared in the building of it nor in the kitting-out – state of the art kitchen (never used!) and AH monogrammed cutlery and crockery – none of which survived after The Allies took the place over- apparently the place was looted, and nothing remains of the lavish furnishings, wood panelling etc-rumour has it that most of it was taken as souvenirs by the US soldiers, including chips from the marble fireplace gifted by Mussolini. Apart from one photo of Hitler which appears in the exhibition in the former sun terrace, one would be totally unaware of any link to the former owner. But, as I say, the views from the terrace are absolutely to-die-for.


Roy headed into The Oversalzberg museum afterwards – I didn’t. To be honest, after seeing the extravagance of the Eagles Nest and, having experienced Auschwitz a couple of years ago, I’d had enough of Adolf and his evil doings. Having said that, I kinda regretted not joining him (Roy, not Hitler!!) as the museum and bunkers sounded interesting – Roy was full of it after he came back. Mental note to take more interest in history…..

We headed off to Königssee later in the afternoon. Germany’s highest lake, at 630m, with a stunning backdrop of mountains. Pretty, undoubtedly, but uber-touristy and, given the time of year, it was packed with said tourists. We drove around looking for a parking space that DIDN’T have a “no motorhomes” sign and, luckily, spotted a whole bunch of motorhomes parked up on one part of a huge car park. As we hesitated, looking for a free space, a fellow motorhomer approached and confirmed that it was OK to stay, that it was free overnight, and to just buy a day ticket for €5. Perfect! We took a stroll around part of the lake before a humungous storm hit us! Rain so heavy that we were shouting to be heard in Sebo, with thunder and lightening directly overhead! How quickly the weather changes! At least it’s a tad cooler than earlier!


Tomorrow, we’re heading back into Austria – to Schwaz! Not our favourite place, we have to admit, BUT, Leeds United are playing Borussia Mönchengladbach in a pre-season friendly which has been (conveniently??!!) moved from Kuhstein to Schwaz …… ! For those who may be unaware, Roy is a huge Leeds fan so, naturally (!!), we need to be there to support The Whites…….including me, who, as a Blackburn Rovers supporter (sad, I know!) would much rather be in the totally- out-of-proportion-for-the-size-of-the-town shopping mall here (those of you who actually know me will know that I hate shopping malls- need I say more?) . We also need to find a mechanic willing and able to sort Sebo’s rear brakes (the guy in Königssee we approached yesterday seemed rather too willing to send us to a Mercedes dealer in Bad Reichenhall!! Merc dealer??? Helloooooo??? We don’t think so!!!!) AND find a vet to administer Harley’s annual vaccination booster. Wish us (and Leeds United!) luck…..?


Quick interjection from the driver. Yes great place to visit and very thought provoking, it’s a physical place to get a handle on how it was back then only 20 years or so before I was born. Imagine that 20 years ago was when Madeline McCann tragically disappeared and that just seems like yesterday. Mans inhumanity to man was no better displayed. Two nations became entranced or ruled by madness, knowing it and appreciating  it comes to life somewhat when you are here. When something sad happens like a bereavement we only appreciate it as those who are glad we are not in that position or are revisiting past circumstances. Unless you are directly involved you cannot really be affected by the situation. Visit the ‘Nest’ go to the museum and see the whole story. Germany in many parts treat it like a taboo subject but this place lays it on the line. Good on them, recognition means a lot.