Three Countries In One Day

Our Trieste sleepy spot was, thankfully, somewhat more peaceful than we expected, considering it’s proximity to the city centre AND the busy port. We’d stuck €1.20 into the meter before going to bed which gave us until 9.30am to either ship out or feed the meter again. We opted to ship out as soon as we were up and dressed, saving breakfast until we got into Slovenia. With an open border between Italy and Slovenia and, thus, no delays queuing at Passport Control or Customs, we were parked-up eating breakfast in Koper, Slovenia less than an hour after getting out of bed!

Slovenia is a country we intend to spend time in at some stage but, for now, we were leaving it behind and heading straight into Croatia, which we did, just a few minutes later. Surprisingly, despite Croatia becoming the 28th member of The EU in 2013, there’s still a “hard” border between Slovenia and Croatia and, for the first time, we had to hand over our passports and have them swiped by a rather grumpy looking Passport Control official before leaving Slovenia/entering Croatia. Weird, huh? Not quite sure why but maybe it harks back to the breaking-up of Yugoslavia in the 90’s, possibly? (Mmmm, one hopes we won’t be faced with the same queues on the M1 at Newry once Brexit actually happens!) Whatever….we were IN Croatia! Yippee!

With Easter just around the corner, we’re planning on spending the next three or four days on a rather swish 4* campsite in Novigrad on The Adriatic coast, hopefully soaking-up the sun from the comfort of our rather comfy garden chairs, quenching our thirsts with cheap beer whilst improving our knowledge of this fascinating country.

How cool is it, though, to have woken up in one country, had breakfast in the second and lunch in the third???