Rain stops play….again!

So, having found a nice spot with free water AND WiFi ( albeit slow), we had intended staying here for another night and venturing into Laval to the market this morning. Unfortunately, torrential rain put paid to that idea and we decided to hit the road in the hope that it may stop by the time we reached Le Lude….. another very pretty medieval town with the obligatory chateau so well worth a meander.

Unfortunately, continuing rain meant our meander around Le Lude was somewhat miserable. … nothing was open on a Sat afternoon in November, as far as we could make out, so an executive decision was made to head further down the road. We sussed out a free Aire with services at Vaas, a small village a few miles away. After spotting the service point in the car park of what appeared to be a Community Centre, we pulled in and parked up for the night….as you do when you believe you’re in an Aire! As the evening progressed, more and more cars arrived and folk of all ages went into the Centre and closer inspection revealed disco lights and food being served…..oh dear, there’s a “Do” on!!

By the time this sad reality dawned, our dinner had been eaten and several glasses of vino downed by both of us so we weren’t exactly in a position to relocate! A decision I regretted come 4am when the last of the revellers were either leaving – presumably thinking they were sober enough to drive- or merely taking to their cars to sleep off the night’s shenanigans.

During our morning stroll, Harley and I discovered the true location of the Aire……across the road in a quiet cul-de-sac….. Oooops!!

No photos this time, I’m afraid!