Our Journey So Far…..


The thunderstorm and rain, which we’ve been expecting for the last couple of days, finally arrived today so our planned walk along the coast to Plat has had to be postponed for a few hours. Team Sebo busied themselves with domestic chores and a long overdue updating of our trusty old map. When I say “old”, I do mean OLD – it’s the same map of Europe Roy used when he did his epic month long motorcycle trip through Europe to Corfu and back way back in 1987! I know, I know, we really should have bought a new one but, since we have an A4 Europe Map Book, we didn’t see much point. Anyhow, our current trip is marked with black marker pen – gives you (and us!) some idea of just how far we’ve travelled since we left home on October 21st last year….. a grand total of 7.300 miles (or, 10,950km if you’ve gone metric!), experiencing ten countries (counting England and Scotland as one – apologies to any SNP voters reading this-and including Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovenia though we only drove through those briefly!) so far, with a few more on the horizon as we wend our way back home in a few months. If I was really, really, really committed with the book-keeping, I’d give you the run down on how much diesel and LPG we’ve used – but I’m not, so I can’t at the moment (though I do have all the info to hand, just haven’t taken the time to add it all up as yet!).

Suffice to say, we are having an absolute blast, enjoying every single moment of every day, wherever we are! Long may it last! Cheers!

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