Sou’wester Semple to Sunshine Sally in 18 hours……

Once we’d got ourselves settled and had lunch, and with the rain still pelting down, I thought I’d solve Team Sebo’s laundry ( and internal humidity) crisis by availing of the site’s “free” laundry facilities. Pretty much all of the previously washed laundry, plus a few additions, were unceremoniously put into the washing machines for a rerun! Unfortunately, in order to get a 1000rpm spin speed, it appeared I had to choose an Eco cycle – which, I was to discover, had a running time of around three weeks ( or so it seemed!). This discovery was only made after several attempts to retrieve said laundry – journeys which, due to the continuing torrential rain, required full waterproof gear, in the form of my own Berghaus trousers and Roy’s Goretex jacket…..along with my Jeantex sailing boots ( thank God I had the foresight to pack THOSE!)


Several hours later ( ok, so it FELT like three weeks at the time!), the washing cycle was completed! Now to get them dried – two washing machines but only one drier. Hmmmm – chuck them all in together and hope for the best on a 60min drying cycle? Errrr, NOOOOO! An hour later, having donned full waterproofs yet again, what do I find? It’s a feckin condenser dryer and the last person to use it didn’t bother to empty the water tank – and I never thought to check it! Result? Clothes STILL saturated! Right, empty tank, try again….go back an hour later. Result? Nope! Still damp! Right, empty tank again,split load , put one load on for yet another 30 minutes , schlepp back to van, take off waterproofs, down a beer and try again!  Finally, first load dried. Empty tank yet again, shove second load in, schlepp back to Sebo, trying to keep clean laundry dry ( yes, it’s still raining!), down another beer, then repeat! Finally, several hours after this bright idea, the Semple Laundry Ordeal was OVER! I could, once and for all ( for today, anyway!) hang up my waterproofs and relax!

Thankfully, after falling into bed well and truly knackered, sleep wasn’t a problem and we all slept soundly until very late this morning. When we finally roused ourselves from our slumbers , the first thing we noticed was the silence – no raindrops bouncing off Sebo’s roof! Yippee!! After 36 hours of absolutely unrelenting rain, this was a welcome relief.

Rather than heading off straightaway, we thought we’d take advantage of the fact that we didn’t need to be gone from here by the usual “noon or pay for an extra night” rule – White Van Man Angel had specifically stated on check-in that there was no rush, that we could leave at whatever time we wanted but could we please leave the key fob in the postbox when we left. Fair enough!

We thought it only right that we go explore the Sanctuary that IS El Palomar. Thank goodness we did – otherwise we would never have known just how lovely a village it is! A proper “working” Spanish mountain village , with a population of just over 600, but with a small Infant school, a Primary school, a “town hall”, a butcher’s shop, three bakeries (!), two bars, a huge furniture store and a number of substantial manufacturing units. We wandered around its narrow, winding streets with their cobbled surfaces, marvelling at how pretty it all was and what a lovely place it must be to live.