Two Paddies find a Spanish Paddy Field

Who knew there were Paddies in Spain ? Not the Irish pub type Paddies ! No, paddy-fields i.e fields in which rice is grown!! Thousand of hectares-worth of rice is produced here every year! We should probably have guessed this from the fact that their national dish is Paella!!! Doh!!! Anyhow…… our next stop after Tarragona turned out to be Poblenou Del Delta in The Delta de L’Ebre – a 20km wetlands area formed by silt brought down by the Rio Ebre as it hits The Med. Comprising 77 sq km, it is northern Spain’s most important waterbird habitat. Totally flat and very exposed, it’s landscape is almost surreal. Tiny whitewashed farmhouses appear to float on little islands amongst green and brown paddy fields stretching to the horizon. Here, we found a free Aire – along with at least  forty other vans of varying nationalities ( and some had been there for a lot longer than the 48hour maximum stay!) with services for just €3.00 ( water, emptying waste). Lots of walking and bike trails led off this Aire and, for the first time since we left home, we were actually inclined to take the bikes off the rack!! We did a 90 minute walk with Harley then we went for a cycle ( since ne’er the twain shall meet at this present juncture!). A good wee spot to spend a couple of nights – free WiFi available ( with a fast connection speed) if you spend a grand total of €2.40 on a couple of beers in the bar in order to get the password ( worth every cent to us!). The few kms we did on the  bikes taught us a lot – Karen’s needs brakes ( she has none at all other than her feet!) and both need adjusting both saddle and handlebar-wise ( ok, so they were thrown on the back without much attention being paid to them other than a couple of comfier saddles! Decathlon here we come!). We spent two nights here – did lots of walking and cycling- before heading off to our next weekend camping session in Peniscola.