From Deauville to La Ferriere Aux Etangs ….a step back in time

Torrential rain again overnight kept me awake for hours ( I really do need to start wearing earplugs!) and, as a result, I didn’t clamber out of bed until 10am! Leaving  our parking spot in Deauville was somewhat interesting – with a queue forming outside for our place and with a French gent ,who had snook in last night and parked in a non-marked spot ,revving his engine ready to dive in as soon as we pulled out, it all got a bit hairy! Add to that Tom Tom’s continuing lack of ability to maintain contact with any form of satellite, we had to fall back on our back-up CoPilot App on my iPhone. Thankfully, that seems to work fine though the small screen can be a bit problematic at times – we’ll have to try download it to the iPad and put Tom Tom in the naughty corner until such time as we can ascertain whether it’s a software problem or the internal antenna has given up the ghost!

Having sorted our  sat nav problems, we made for the highest point in Basse Normandy – Mount Pincon– here there’s a memorial to the Hussars who, along with many other regiments and local people, played a major role in overcoming The Invaders in WWII so we had a wander through the forest to find it. Located in a clearing in the forest, perched high on the hillside, looking down on what appeared to be the whole of Normandy ( on a clear day!), they couldn’t have found a more fitting location.

Our sleepy spot for tonight is a lakeside free Aire at La Ferriere Aux Etangs, a former iron ore mining town with restored calcining ovens at La Butte Rouge – sounds interesting.