Tootling down to Normandy

We awoke on our first morning in France to a bright but chilly morning – donning our winter woollies, and much to Harley’s delight, we headed over the dunes and along the beach towards town to find a boulangerie open on a Sunday! Oh yee of little faith – we found an awesome boulangerie-patisserie and treated ourselves to a “sticky bun” and a baguette. Typical holiday resort, most gaffes were all shuttered up for the winter and estate agents outnumbered other commercial enterprises by about 3:1 due to the amount of development recently!

Armed with our highly calorific treats, we headed back to Sebo to establish ( and hopefully fix!) the cause of the water building up inside our dinette window! Unfortunately, although we managed to ascertain the point of entry and empty the water out, we haven’t managed to completely fix it – a job for another day! Having devoured our sticky treats, we left our quiet dune side parking spot and headed further down the coast to a small but seemingly lively fishing village called Le Crotoy. Here we found an Aire, unfortunately costing €7/24 hours, but it was just a 5 minute walk from the town and beach so we felt it was worth the expenditure. A number of very large French campers were already parked up and, looking at their occupants, we reckoned we brought the average age down by a good 20 years!

Le Crotoy is an interesting town, with lots of fine architecture and set overlooking La Baie De Somme. Very picturesque and, seemingly, a very popular place for Sunday day trippers wishing to buy fresh fish from the numerous fish stalls plying their wares – scallops and turbot being the “catches of the day” . The queues were sizeable – as were the prices! Way out of our league, unfortunately!.

Having dodged the rain all day, it finally found us in the middle of the night, resulting in one of us ( the one who never wears earplugs!) having a very disturbed night’s sleep! Ah well, at least I don’t have to be up at 7am to go to work – just as well, since I then slept in until 9.45am so we had a later than usual start to our day. Harley got his morning run before we headed off to our next stop – Honfleur in Normandy.